Memorial Day Safety

Memorial Day is celebrated to honor those who served our country & who gave their lives to keep us safe. It is also a time to remember the many courageous dogs that also went to war, giving their all. Memorial Day also symbolically marks the beginning of summer & we celebrate with BBQ and fireworks.  It is very important for those of us that plan to include our furry babies in our holiday plans to consider a few safety tips:  The ASPCA recommends that pets are kept indoors.

1. Don’t Share Food

Feed your pets their regular diet to prevent digestive upsets. Alcohol is potentially poisonous to pets so keep all alcoholic beverages out of their reach.

2. Keep Insect Repellent Away

Never use insect repellent that is made for humans on pets. It can cause vomiting & diarrhea.  Use a pet specific product.

3. Keep Your Pets Away From Lighter Fluid, Matches & Candles

Keep lighter fluid, matches and citronella candles safely stored and out of pets reach. If accidently ingested they can affect the digestive and central nervous systems.

4. Provide Fresh Water

Make sure that your pet Always has plenty of fresh, clean water available.

5. Do Not Leave Your Pet in the Car

Most importantly, never leave a pet in a hot car if traveling. Pets are just as susceptible to heat stroke as humans, and cars can become dangerously hot in just a few minutes. Leaving a car parked in the shade with a cracked window is no guarantee that pets will be safe. Even if the car is left under a tree with an outside temperature of 78 degrees, the inside of that car can exceed 90 degrees in no time, and if left in the sun, a deadly 160 degrees. In Florida it is against the law to ever leave your pets in a car.

And always be certain your pet is wearing an ID tag with your contact information.