Grooming Day

Next GROOMING DAY is Saturday April 13th, from 8AM to 2PM.
(By Appt. Only) (727) 378-9008

Why should your dog/cat be groomed?

Grooming allows removal of dead hair & skin (dander) from your dog/cat’s coat. This will not only improve the look of the coat, but will also improve air circulation to the skin, which is especially important during the hot months when it is hot and humid.

Grooming increases the blood flow to the dog/cat’s hair follicles, which will improve the overall health of the skin and coat.

Brushing will allow your dog/cat’s skin and coat to be massaged, which stimulates the lymphatic system which provides additional health benefits for your dog/cat.

Your dog/cat will need their nails trimmed. Having long nails changes the way your dog/cat carries his/herself. The different angle of the bones causes pressure and joint stress and can lead to joint pain and arthritis. Not to mention, long nails can easily get caught on a rug, carpet, furniture and outside bushes and plants.